English Information 

We are happy to offer a broad range of services to our international dog-friends.


One-on-one training in English

Our chief instructor Sonja Hoegen is very familiar with the English language, and will be delighted to coach you and your dog. Please call +497063 / 22 85 600 and ask for Sonja.

Turid Rugaas will be having a two-day-seminar in February 2016!

On Hunting:
Dogs are hunters by birth, which causes problems in our daily life with dogs. Why do they hunt? How do they hunt? And what can we do to minimize problems in our well organized daily life with dogs? Can it be trained away? Are there breeds with no hunting instincts? These and other things about hunting behaviour will be discussed in this seminar.
On Barking:
is a part of dogs' normal language. They express themselves with body language , mimicry and voice, the voice being the part of the language that is getting on people's nerves, because it can be heard and is so difficult to understand. By analyzing the different barking types, and learning to hear the differences between them, we might get to understand what the dog is trying to say with the barking, and also what to do when the barking becomes a problem.

More information see here (in german).

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